The Deck
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Roberta Morales
Design Strategist | Architect
Isabel Sanoja
Design Strategist | Researcher
Who we are

We're a pair of designers who were constantly battling against our own subconscious biases, and decided to do something about it.
What we do

Nudge is not easy, it will make you think twice (more like thrice) about your designs.

But don't stress, that's exactly what it's for!
We want to challenge what you do and
how you do it. We believe this is the only
way we can get better as designers, by
putting our own biases to the test.
Create Awareness
We are by no means saying we
are bias free, we fight them everyday!
That is why Nudge allows users to add
their own situations, in adding your
experiences, you help our community
become more aware.
Why we do it

To put it simply, Nudge aims to create a more just world, where everyone is taken into consideration.  
Voice to the Voiceless
We want to amplify the voices of those
who might not have a platform to speak
out.  We want to bring awareness to
situations often forgotten in design.
Nudge is about listening to user
stories, understanding their needs,
and advocating for them.
Every user, every situation, and every
design is unique. Our goal is to give
designers tools that will allow them to
give equal consideration to the many
different needs that their users
might have.  
A tool by designers,
for designers